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Welcome to our Netratva Technology

We Build your skills

Netratva is global software and embedded services company focused on solutions for Embedded and IT driven products. We have more than 10 years of experience in developing software solutions and embedded systems & robotics with extreme demands on high-availability and performance.

Huge number of aspirants turns to Netratva for global exposure in latest technologies. Our experience in this field assures our customers of innovative and reliable solutions.

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Course Programs

Certificate Program

This course can be opted to get the enhanced experience in the field of software/hardware with respect to the latest innovations. It's a more then month practical and theory content based certificate course.

Vocational Training Program

It's a mandatory training which has to be experienced by the fourth and sixth semester students of any engineering college. Vocational training course comprises of four or six weeks of training program.

Student Says

I have studied at Netratva Technology and it has been a great experience. All the teachers and staff are extremely friendly to students, and they also always willing to help you whenever you need it even if you are not in the class. I have improved my knowledge more than I ever thought I would.

Shruti Verma, Student

Actually, I appreciate teachers' methods of instruction. They give us a lot of advices in order to find and fill our weakness. So, Study Centres provides a good foundation and helps each student to develop their knowledge. The Institue is so experienced classifying the students according to their right knowledge level.

Arnav Khullar , Student