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Welcome to Netratva!

Netratva is global software and embedded services company focused on solutions for Embedded and IT driven products. We have more than 10 years of experience in developing software solutions and embedded systems & robotics with extreme demands on high-availability and performance.

Huge number of aspirants turns to Netratva for global exposure in latest technologies. Our experience in this field assures our customers of innovative and reliable solutions.

Furthermore, our solutions are consistent with a majority of upgraded innovations. This means that you also find our customers in associated segments such as medical technology, aerospace and automotive etc.

  • Quality Robo Lab

    The great number of robotics equipments and projects that use embedded systems from Netratva has made us one of the largest quality players in the market of real-time products.

  • Technology Expertise in Embedded & Software Development

    We never say simply that our technology expertise level is outstanding because our technical experts have many years of real time proven experience in the field of embedded technology , robotics, mobile applications and other software's and this is the fact that cannot be made only for saying. We solicit your inquiries sincerely check out our expertise, how can we bring the fact for you?